Integration 2020

An Industry Defining Report on Next Generation Integration

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About the report

At the start of 2020, we set out to uncover the true landscape of software and service integration.  We surveyed 100 businesses, to find out what integration really looked like inside their organisation.

  •  What are their objectives?
  •  What are their challenges?
  •  What are they spending?
  •  And mostly importantly what industry-level changes do they want to see?

 We’ve collected, analysed and written up our findings. We discovered trends we didn’t know existed.  And we’ve found evidence to back up important things that we always ‘felt’ to be true.  And you can download the findings and our report today, for free.

Key trends you’ll learn about in this report


  1. How is integration enabling high-levels of collaboration? 

“ 71% of businesses say that collaboration is the most significant business benefit of integration”

Find out how businesses are making this happen, and what you can do to share their success.


  1. Costs are going up, when they need to be going down

“54% of businesses say that the cost of consultants and implementation are the biggest blocker to integration success”

The world of integration is more self-serve and plug-and-play than ever before. So why are you still spending six-figures a year on this kind o help? Is it even needed anymore?


  1. How will businesses adapt to the next generation of integration challenges?

“8% of businesses claim to have already fully adopted Next Generation Integration”

Learn how these businesses are utilizing integration to become truly competitive and relevant brands. And how you can achieve the same.

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