HOw to integrate servicenow to jira and zendesk: ONEiO for IT service management Demo

Sometimes you just need to see to believe. Watch ONEiO demo for superior customer service and client experience in service management space. Learn how ServiceNow, Jira and Zendesk are seamlessly integrated for efficient and transparent ticket handling.




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ONEiO fits for all IT and Business Service integration needs such as ITSM, HR, Sales & Marketing, financials etc.

We have loads of pre-integrated applications and service providers to be ultilized, just by subscribing to ONEiO. If your application/service provider is not yet integrated we will do that for you, free of charge of course.

We provide a 14 day free trial to see how ONEiO works in practice with your own tools and applications or your service providers' applications. Or you can create a demo subscription and Test In Peace!

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